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Simple Productivity Strategies We’ve Embraced

We’re committed to getting as much done as we can from day to day around the Endeavour Global office. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve found especially helpful in boosting our productivity.

Taking care of the toughest task on our to-do lists first is one practice we’ve embraced. When we get down to business on challenging projects right away, we build momentum that carries us to successful ends. Not only that, this momentum helps us knock out smaller tasks on accelerated timelines.

We’ve also become experts at taking strategic breaks here at Endeavour Global HQ. Even five minutes of relaxation make it easier to focus on big projects, especially if we combine this time with meditation. By focusing on nothing but our breathing, we center ourselves and clear out negative thoughts from our minds.

Putting our smartphones away for a while is another technique that’s had great effects on our daily productivity. We carve out windows of time throughout the day to check the things that might distract us through notifications, such as new emails or social media messages. With the time we give ourselves, we tend to pressing matters without being derailed by other people’s priorities.

These strategies are giving us reliable boosts during our workdays.