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Build a Team-First Culture (With a Tad of Competition)

There are two kinds of work environments: collaborative and every person for him- or herself. As Endeavour Global was created, our leaders cultivated a company culture that encourages our people to be collaborative while at the same time working toward individual success. We’ve been asked how that is possible – to thrive as a team and as individuals. Here’s how to do it.

There’s a sweet spot between everyone being equal and everyone competing against one another. Therefore, we have common goals at Endeavour Global It’s important that everyone is working together to achieve success. Simultaneously, each team member has milestones he or she needs to accomplish to move to the next level.

When competition is fun, it’s easier for everyone to engage. In our Endeavour Global office, we have periodic contests, like March Madness events, where our people are encouraged to work hard to reach goals. Rewards might include any number of things, including a chance to travel.

Why is our approach effective? We provide all our people with pathways to satisfying careers. Our philosophy is to make the resources they need for success available to all. They just need to add the ambition and diligence to get there. By working together, they increase their chances to exceed goals and thrive.

We believe that we’re more powerful together.